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Preschool Gymnastics

Parents often consider preschool gymnastics for their children because it offers a wide range of benefits. It promotes physical development, including strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. It also supports cognitive development through following instructions, learning movement patterns, and problem-solving. Preschool gymnastics encourages social development by allowing children to interact with peers, fostering communication and teamwork. Additionally, it boosts confidence and self-esteem as children achieve goals and experience a sense of accomplishment. Overall, preschool gymnastics is a fun and engaging sport that lays a strong foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Tiny Stars
Dothan - 18 Month-23 Month
Girls and Boys

Class Description: Tiny Stars provides a nurturing space for children to learn and grow through socialization and play. With the support of their parents, our youngest gymnasts will embark on an exciting journey of exploration, discovery, and development. This classes helps promote physical, cognitive, and social development. 30 Minutes

  1. Parent Participation: Parents actively participate in the class, providing support and encouragement to their little ones as they navigate the gym environment. This creates a sense of security and enhances the bonding experience between parent and child.

  2. Gym Familiarization: Tiny Stars get to explore the preschool gym area, becoming acquainted with the equipment, mats, and other elements in a safe and supervised setting. This helps them become comfortable and confident in the gym environment.

  3. Socialization and Play: Children develop social skills, learn to share, take turns, and communicate with their peers, setting a solid foundation for future interactions.

  4. Building Confidence: Our coaches create a positive and supportive atmosphere, encouraging children to step out of their comfort zones and try new activities. As they accomplish small goals and overcome challenges, their confidence soars.

  5. Transition to Baby Stars: Tiny Stars serves as an excellent transition class, preparing children for our Baby Stars program, where they will continue their gymnastics journey with a parent at 2 years old.

Watch as they flourish, make new friends, and develop essential skills through fun-filled activities and engaging play. Join us in providing your little one with a strong foundation for their future gymnastics adventures.

Baby Stars
Montgomery 18 Months - 3 Years
Dothan - 2 Years Old
Girls and Boys

Class Description: In this class, parents actively participate alongside their little ones as our experienced coaches guide them through various activities and exercises. Our primary focus is to create a supportive and engaging environment where children can develop confidence, explore the gym, familiarize themselves with equipment, and learn early gymnastics fundamentals. 45 Minutes

  1. Coach-Guided: Our knowledgeable coaches provide guidance and instruction throughout the class, ensuring a safe and productive learning experience.

  2. Parent Participation: Parents actively assist their children, fostering a sense of comfort, trust, and encouragement during their early gymnastics journey.

  3. Gym Exploration: Children get to explore the gym, becoming familiar with the different equipment and the gym environment, which helps build their confidence.

  4. Fundamental Skills: Through age-appropriate activities and exercises, our Baby Stars begin developing essential motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

  5. Fun and Engagement: We believe that learning should be fun! Our classes are filled with exciting activities, games, and challenges that keep children engaged while they develop a love for gymnastics.

 If you have a young child who is eager to discover the world of gymnastics, our Baby Stars Program is the perfect place to start. Watch as they grow in confidence, gain new skills, and develop a lifelong passion for this amazing sport.

Shining Stars
Both Locations
Ages 3-4
Girls and Boys

Program Description: This class is designed to equip young gymnasts with the essential building blocks needed to excel in the sport. Through our curriculum, our coaches guide students as they develop skills, flexibility, coordination, and a understanding of the early foundational elements of gymnastics. 45 Minutes

  1. Firm Foundation for Progression: By focusing on the basics, young gymnasts establish a strong foundation that will support their progress as they advance in the sport. We emphasize proper technique and form to ensure safe and effective skill development.

  2. Fun and Engaging Learning Environment: We believe that learning should be enjoyable! Our coaches create a positive and supportive atmosphere where students can have fun while developing their skills and passion for gymnastics.

  3. Transitional Class: Shining Stars serves as a bridge for students transitioning from a parent participation class (such as Baby Stars) to independent learning within the gym. We provide the necessary guidance and support to help students become comfortable with self-directed gymnastics practice.

  4. Physical and Mental Development: Along with improving physical fitness, our program fosters discipline, focus, determination, and resilience - valuable qualities that extend beyond the gym and benefit students in all aspects of their lives.

If your child is ready to take their first steps towards becoming a skilled gymnast, Shining Stars is the perfect starting point. Join us in providing them with a solid foundation that will set them up for success in their gymnastics journey.

Did you know we have a sibling discount?

The discount works by providing a reduction of $10 off the monthly tuition for each additional sibling that is enrolled. This means that if a family enrolls more than one child, each additional child will receive a discount of $10 on their monthly tuition fees.

The purpose of offering a sibling discount is to make gymnastics/cheer more accessible and affordable for families with multiple children.

Did you know we reward students for enrolling in multiple classes?

We do! For students who wish to continue their training through multiple classes, we reward a 25% discount off their second, third, class etc.

We also offer classes that meet twice a week that allows for more time spent on each apparatus and intentional drills for gymnasts who are dedicated to training gymnastics. We would love to help your gymnast by enrolling in multiple classes with a discount or enrolling in a 2-day/week class for training. 

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