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Meet Team Dothan!

2023-2024 Optional Team

Many of our Optional gymnasts are recruitable athletes. If you are a college recruiter interested in one of these talented athletes, please reach out to or 334-284-2244 and we will put you in touch with their coach for assistance. 

2023 Compulsory Team

2023 K=L2.jpg

Level 5
Harper Brewer - Lucy Hall

Level 4
Cayla Evans - McKinli Morton - Katherine Walker - Melisa Yilmaz

Level 2
Emmie Felsmaie - Eleanor Heersink - Micah McConnell - Ava Grace Money - Alina Nesvat
Marlee Brooke Pelham - Kaylee Plowman - Harper Pruit - Emerson Stinson - Ember Turner


Archie Benak - Maddy Sue Graf - Aubry Stephens

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